If My Table Was More Like a Boat

A new dinner series by Michael Hebb.

Five dinners investigating the imagined landscape of Bellevue taking place throughout 2010.

During a period of rapid urbanization and fluid movement, it is our intention to channel some of this energy into a smartly designed series of generative conversations around the dinner table with an intimate group of individuals. We want to kick start a conversation examining the historical, current, and yet-to-be-defined narratives about Bellevue, and consider the role arts and culture can successfully play within the emerging urban life of this young city. As eloquently stated by author and big-thinker Matthew Stadler, we want to “open conversations that invite new descriptions, mapping, articulating dynamic, fine-grained flux."

The first dinner took place on February 18 with special guests: Matthew Stadler, Greg Lundgren, Annie Han + Daniel Mihalyo of Lead Pencil Studio and Genevieve Tremblay.

Set against the exhibition SUPERMODEL, it was the first in a series of dinners to be held in various unlikely locations throughout Bellevue. Guests were asked to bring a specific location that would make a compelling site for a future dinner. A field, a lobby, a convenience store. They were asked to provide the address and the reasons why we should gather people at that location. The locations were added to a Google Map:

[View If My Table Was More Like A Boat in a larger map]

...created especially for this program. These ideas will help us choose our locations for future dinners and in some way alter the way we look at Bellevue.

The next dinner is scheduled to take place in June. Check in for more information or sign up to receive our email announcements to learn about forthcoming events.